Go Gorilla Trekking, Support Conservation

Mountain Gorillas in Uganda are continuously conserved and preserved in order to maintain their increasing numbers within their habitats. This will also help in promoting conservation and tourism in Uganda, the Pearl of Africa. There are about 880 mountain gorillas living in the wild of Africa. These gorillas are found in three countries in Africa; Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Within Uganda, mountain gorillas are found in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga National Park.

There are over 400 mountain gorillas living with in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, the best place to enjoy gorilla trekking in Africa. Over the past 10 years, a significant number of travelers have visited Bwindi Forest and tracked the mountain gorillas. This has improved tourism development as well as better management and conservation of the endangered mountain gorillas.

The conservation of the mountain gorillas within Ugandan national parks is mainly done by the Uganda Wildlife Authority, a government agency which is responsible for taking care of all Uganda’s flora and fauna including the gorillas. Conservation has been done through controlling of poaching and hunting with in the national parks, regulation of tourism activities with the parks etc. The organisation has also worked with the local communities in putting in place laws and regulations which control sustainable use of natural resources and as well encouraged the participation of the local people in the conservation and development of tourism in Uganda. This has greatly helped improved both conservation and tourism development and Uganda has realized an ever increasing the number of tourists!

Mountain gorillas are considered to be endangered species and this is the main reason why they should be treated well in order to control the reduction in their numbers. These have got fragile bodies since they can easily contact human diseases especially when the humans get into direct contact with them, therefore the tourists are advised to stay far from them which tracking within their habitants. The tourists are also advised not to liter within the national parks where these unique primates are found so as to avoid diseases to the gorillas. This has helped in maintaining their increasing numbers with in Uganda hence increasing gorilla trekking safaris to Uganda.

Uganda has also got many other wildlife species apart from the mountain gorillas, these are found in other national parks like kibale national park, Murchison falls national park, lake Mburo national park, Rwenzori national park and many other game reserves, these animals found in these national parks include; the elephants, lions, crocodiles, monkeys, chimpanzees, antelopes, buffalos, Rhinos, zebras and the giraffes. All these animals have greatly attracted many people to come for safari tours to Uganda.<

Planning a Self Drive Safari in Uganda

Uganda is one of the most interesting places to visit in Africa. Most people especially from Europe opt to do it themselves because they think it easy and soft to do it. Yes it’s true, but still you have to take caution of certain things when you choose a self drive safari in Uganda. Getting the best car that will suit your vacation comes in everybody’s mind when sending an e-mail to the would be company in help. Always they choose the 4 wheel drive vans this is good but reliability also has to matter here in terms of break-downs.

Take an example when you are stuck in the most beautiful but remote Kidepo Valley National Park in North Eastern Uganda! You got no rescue in the next 12 hours and when it’s availed in the shorter hours it’s costly because you got to use the UWA vehicles. This is not the point but always try to find out those people who got experience in the game, they know which car can much with every situation and any road in Uganda. Always they look a bit more costly but still reliable because they know where to turn. The vans may not necessarily look new as the ones you left home but at least have been tested on the journeys they are up to; so don’t question the model of the car but ask the reliability.

You got time at your budget because you choose what to see and where to go as you have unlimited mileages to cover on your safari; that’s at self drive safari Uganda. Here we aim at a client’s satisfaction because they always need to cover more but time cannot always be on their side. In this case we give you space to find the best you can cover as you pay a visit to Uganda.

Never book a lodge by yourself because you will always get a “Muzungu” rate which is not the case if we made it for you. We know that you got a budget when you plan your vacation stay in Uganda, but we love it if you did not run past it, that’s why we want to come in not because we like a commission but because we like you recommend our services to other would be visitors to our country. We always define for you the best accommodations where you will have excellent services and value for money and where your interests lie depending on what you like to see. For any memorable vacation, you always long to return because you got more than you expected at less than you planned.

This does not only apply for Uganda only but also in Rwanda. When you got to cover Rwanda and Uganda at once then the terms still apply. Rwanda Safaris are almost the same like in Uganda, the differences is that you got many rolling hills in Rwanda and change the diving side from left to right, but this does not seem very tusky to most visitors who tour both countries. You can have slight changes in the cultures of the people short routes to tourist areas like gorilla trekking points, Genocide sites, and the physical appearance of the two countries has got a difference. A self guided tour is all one would need but still depends on ones desire.