We can post pictures. I have been dying to show the world this.

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking: “That poor woman. I do hope she is okay. Someone ought to offer her a jersey or something. That sneeze looks like it almost blew her eosophagus right out. It might have emerged from her mouth at great speed and, in a lethal whiplash type of motion, jerked right back and slappped her hard in the face before slithering back into her mouth.”

You would be wrong, however.

You would also be wrong if you said, “Man, what is Ronnie feeding these women? That looks like the aftermath of either a very very bitter grapefruit or sudden onset of diahrroeah.”

Wrong again.

“The blogger who just bragged about being such a great copy editor can’t spell oesophagus and diarrhoea.”

To which I reply. Sue me, smarty pants person. I am off duty anyway.

That could be Sharon Salmon, but her face is too crunched up for a positive id.

And yes, I do realise that Obsessions seem to pop up every other time I blog. My therapist and I are investigating.

I’ll be back next week to pursue actual blogging processes.

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