I really appreciate you stopping by this blog on your way to Paul Busharizi, where all the sense is, and I thank you all deeply for leaving comments when you did. Special thanks to the Kikoni bartender who told Ol ed he was hooking him up to an intravenous drip of Club beer on May 1 when he was actually grinding magic mushrooms and ecstasy and marijuana tea into the mixture.

However, there has been a problem. Spammers.

At first it wasn’t a big issue: four or five spam posts advertising pharmaceuticals in a week. No problem. I would come by with a broom once in a while and sweep it away. But over the past two days I have deleted no less than 250 spam posts. The drugs were one thing, but this morning I started getting spam from dirt y pi ctur e websites. I separate the letters because I don’t want their bots to overhear me.

It was disturbing of course. It got more perplexing when they began with gays. But when they started advertising Grannies, I knew it was time for drastic action.

Because someone has to protect the elderly from exploitation of this sort.

So, I’m sorry to do this, because you know I love to chat, but the comments have to go into a moderation queue. Just for a while. Just until Davis Weddi sorts out the spam problem.

Meanwhile, catch me and my heavy metal rock band The Sedition Edition over on blogspot.

Ol ed, bring your own bottle.

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