It’s a woman’s world as African women lead the world in starting businesses, with almost equal levels of male and female entrepreneurs. In fact, in countries like Ghana, Nigeria and Zambia the women outnumber the men.

Overall, the continent has a much higher proportion of female entrepreneurs compared to other regions, with Nigeria and Zambia (both 40.7%) coming on top and countries like the United States (10.4%), the UK (5.5%), Norway (3.6%) and France (3.1%) lagging far behind.

Uganda coming in with 25/15 shared with Indonesia via the Global Entrepreneurship monitor 2013 Global report.

According to Herrington, the main reason for this is because women in Africa “need to earn an extra income” to be able to afford “to send their children to school.”

The report also says Uganda has most established business in Africa at 36.1% and 25.2% in TEA.

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