You have applied for your dream job and made it to the interview. Congratulations! This is the time the company is able to weed out the ordinary from the extraordinary.

Most people are prone to panicking when preparing for the interview session which leaves them tongue tied when asked an unexpected question that they did not cram or study for the previous night. We understand the pressure and that your future job depends on it but remember they are human too and were in your position before.

Do not worry if you exaggerated a little on your CV we are here to help you talk a big game and ace that interview that you have waited so long for.

This week jumia Jobs shares with you 5 ways to ace your job interview.

Know the company:

This a basic necessity for every interview, if you do not know anything about the company do not go for the interview. Not knowing about the company shows lack of preparation and the interviewer will definitely question your interest in working for the company. Before going for your interview carry out thorough research on the company this includes basic knowledge, strategic plans and their social media.

Identify your speciality and be memorable:

You must know why you stand out from the rest of the people that are going to be interviewed as well. Interviewers go through many interviews and take notes to remember the people that impressed them, impress them! Be confident, dress well and let your personality shine!

Stay positive:

You may encounter a particularly tough interviewer who could be shrewd and tear you down but remember to stay positive. This could be a technique and they are trying to test your resilience so staying positive will be an added advantage. If asked about past work experiences like handling a difficult boss or  co worker be honest but stay positive as they could be looking to see what you learnt and your flexibility in tough situations.

Practice makes perfect:

Ensure to practice before going in for an interview. Get a friend or family member and carry out a mock interview with the commonly asked questions. (you can get these from google) Avoid the cliches and practise talking about why you are perfect for the job so that you do not sound irrelevant to the interviewer.

Take a deep breath:  

Do not forget to relax and take a deep breath before the interview. Interviewers can tell when you are nervous and will take this as a weakness. Be yourself, smile and be confident that the job is already yours and this is just a formality. Interviewers tend to look for people who exude confidence as soon as they walk into the room, know their worth and know what they are talking about.

Finally, in all honesty going for an interview is quite hard and nerve wrecking but with these 5 tips we hope that the process will be more successful.

Good Luck!

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