Classified are popularly known as a form of advertising that is common in newspapers, online and other publications such as supplements which may be sold or distributed freely.

Most Newspaper classifieds are usually short and charged for by the line and column Classifieds are usually grouped into categories such as for sale, rent, wanted, etc.

Shakib Nsubuga, Country Manager of Lamudi Uganda, said: “Most real estate companies increase their sales through offline marketing but this process takes a long time to pay off, and does not always guarantee extensive coverage and sales.”

This week Lamudi shares a few reasons why real estate businesses should use online classifieds

Cost Effective

Apart from being affordable having an online classified or marketing your properties online is cost effective. When starting a real estate business there isn’t a lot of money allocated to marketing.

However online market places such as Lamudi Uganda can list your properties at an affordable fee and make them accessible everyone which is cost effective instead of spending a large amount of money on print classifieds that have a limited reach.


At Lamudi Uganda we count our users in the thousands. Most of these users aren’t just Ugandan based but also from other countries such as Kenya, United Kingdom, Dubai, USA and many others.

At an affordable price you can have your properties accessible both locally and internationally which would not be the case if you used other offline plat forms. This kind of service, reach and management can take months of expenses in other cases.

Wide Audience

Online classifieds broadcast to both local and international audiences. Therefore your properties are viewed by a global audience whereas if you are to use just traditional market places or classifieds it could cost a small fortune and up to months to achieve this kind of audience.

Many online classified services allow you to specify the areas you serve, so your ad will come up when potential customers look for businesses like yours close to where they live.

Accessible and Manageable

Traditional classifieds are good however they are not readily accessible by both the client and the agent when it comes to real estate businesses accessibility is a key factor. With online market places classifieds are both accessible by the client and manageable by the agent.

The potential client can look at the property and contact the agent in real time and conveniently while the agent can keep updating his/her classifieds. Your listing is accessible 24 hours a day which is a great deal.

Easy Contact

Online classified allow potential clients to contact agents and brokers directly because the contact information is displayed constantly and visibly. On top of that it is accessible to potential clients throughout the day and night so that agents are able to nurture these leads into potential sales

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