You might spend on nice bags, nice clothes, wear the most expensive perfume but how much money do you have on your reserve? Are you spending what is left after saving or perhaps spending all your earnings on nice possession? If you fall in that line then Barbie Kyagulanyi has a word of advice for you.

Barbie is not the first to notice the type of women who spend on glamorous attires yet they actually have less or no savings. She claims she loves the shoes, bags and all the fashionable clothes they wear but she always looks at them on dusty streets of Kampala and try so hard not to do some maths on their general appearance.

“I get lost in thought wondering whether you spend on these glamorous attires after saving. I remain with one un-answered question. How much money is on your bank accounts? Are you as rich as you look or are you just keep up appearances?” she questions.

Barbie believes the right thing to do is having an expenditure after saving something. She advises women not to go with the flow, they should slow down a bit and use their money wisely.

And to the girls that look extremely glamorous and are actually rich, they paint our town with beauty to feed on. She urges them to keep them nice stuff coming. She personally has made it a habit to always feed her eyes on them.

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