Well it seems the Ugandan Music Industry keeps trending day in day out right from organizing VIP concerts and right now to adopting the use of electronic tickets(E-Tickets).

Gagamel CEO & Founder Bebe Cool was the first to use this system in Uganda for his previous Serena Concert and money was being deducted automatically from guests accounts as a means of saving time and saving money too. The account holder has to provide his account Names, Number and a CVV code which is usually a 3 or 4 digit code and the money is transferred at ease.

There are alot of rumors trending about Chameleone’s “One Million Concert” as many say the stakes were raised too high and doubt a large number of attendance but guess what? Katsha, a Ugandan South African based model just purchased a table at a whooping $20,000 which if converted to UGX at the normal dollar rate (2500) sums up to 50,000,000 shillings.

Could this be a stunt pulled by Chameleone to speed up payments? because it totally sounds strange and very many Ugandan goons like Sudhir Rupharelia wouldn’t settle for less than that and could come out to challenge to challenge Katsha even adding more to the

The show is set for 18th December, the same date with Zari’s All-White Ciroc party and Ivan Ssemwanga’s Arab Money party and basing on it’s standards, it’s main target is only wealthy people and not poor people.

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