Last year, when Garfield Spencer alias Konshens came to town, he literally caused a stampede of sorts as revelers were held in frenzy during his concert held at Lugogo Cricket Oval. And well, as of last Friday 31 May 2013, there was an official confirmation of the ‘Do Sumn’ musical sensation’s return at it in the same place and obviously for the same reason only this time with fellow Jamaican artist Alaine under the sponsorship of Crown Beverages’ Pepsi – rumoured to have pumped a whooping 200 million shillings to fly the artists into Uganda.

Naturally, following the overwhelming success of Konshens’ concert last year, the brainchild behind his coming in both instances, Lollipop Events in conjunction with Solo Events must have tossed their dice and discovered higher odds in collaborating with Pepsi as the official sponsors of the concert. This, in a business aspect is a strategic move as the Pepsi brand is looking to regain its place as the leading carbonated soft drink brand in Uganda, having struggled for a couple years.

Pepsi, after jumping into the river with both feet couldn’t have thought of a better venue than Club Venom’s beach side to host the Konshens Concert Launch party, if simulating a beach experience synonymous with Jamaica’s music while keeping it intimate with the audience was anything to go by. Expectedly, representatives from Pepsi including Mr. Tibayeita Innocent, the Head of Sales and Marketing gave their vote of confidence about the concert slated for 23rd August 2013 emphasizing that being official sponsors was a step in the right direction for both Pepsi and for music in Uganda.

Mr. Tibayeita also expressed his appreciation for the trust vested in them by Lollipop events and Solo events as official sponsors for the concert. As well, he thanked the journalists from the various media houses – who munched snacks and guzzled drinks away all night – for supporting the cause.

It is quite established by virtue of our consumer habits that; many a Ugandan will likely receive the news of Konshens 2nd concert with more excitement than the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ to save the World. In this regard, the average Ugandan would not mind a hopelessly extravagant expenditure – just to attend this concert – if that is what it will take.

Konshens and Alaine’s concert in Uganda is therefore sure to be yet another musically ecstatic experience as Ugandans will receive it as another fresh breeze of fun and entertainment. Even more, the anticipated revenue in gate collections is well expected to skyrocket even more than the previous show, especially because there are two international music sensations involved. I too will surely be keeping my fingers crossed for this one come 23rd August 2013.

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