Halima’s little girl, the buoyant and bouncy Rachael Namakula, recently joined J Kazoora on Jam Agenda. The result is a sweet tag-team performance that everybody likes. Very very good work, Rachael and JK! This is what makes Jam Agenda the top music video show in Uganda every day.

Plus, of course, she brings something fresh and novel to the show: a genuine American accent.

What you notice most of all, though, is that she really moves a lot. She’s a human perpetual motion machine. Her hands do not stay still—they are either reeling backwards, or waving forwards, or flapping around, never to stop for a moment.

The reasons for this are cause for speculation. Is it that she belongs to the school of veejaying thought that teaches one should maintain motion of body to compensate for the lack of motion on the set?

Or is she dancing?

I think the answer is that the WBS studios are not protected against insect invasion at night and she is busy flapping away misqutoes.

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