Angella is a daughter to H.E Bonny Katatumba, a ugandan consul to Pakistan. She is also the Managing Director of Hotel Diplomat located at Tank Hill in Muyenga.

For many years Uganda searched for a supernatural and extra ordinary talent in an artiste who could not only raise voices from the crowd but would also offer a soothing moment. In the year 2005, a savior in the names of Angella Katatumba was born. Angella was most probably the biggest surprise of 2005 because she left many Ugandans wondering where she had come from and where she was heading. For her, the sky is the limit. Immediately after hitting with Sikyetaga, her super tuned mind led her to One Minute Man, a song that left men crazy and wishing all women would crave for such.

As the crowd enjoyed her hits, she merged with Butchaman and did a wonderful song, Peace, which did not only promote her name in the eyes of the Ugandans but also won her international recognition. Its no wonder that she was chosen as the only artist who could do a song that would give hope to the people of Gulu-the song For You Gulu. 2005 being the first year of Angella Katatumba’s music must have been really great. In 2006, Angella is looking much more into charity. She is getting more involved into projects that are going to empower the people of Gulu. She recently handed over assets worth over 10M Uganda shillings to Rwot Achan the traditional leader of Gulu. “Am looking at injecting much of my energy into helping the people of Gulu,” said Angella.

Singer Angella Katatumba’s love of peace is moving higher than anybody had anticipated. Doing the song For You Gulu was one way of raising money from the international community but many critics thought that the singer was perhaps trying to gain a musical stand in Uganda through partially involving herself in the Kony insurgence. When she handed assets that amounted to over 10M shillings to Rwot Achana, the traditional leader of the Acholi, there was a growing calm from the critics. Angella’s love to help the suffering people of Gulu has grown to strong heights and she is looking at doing it even further this year. In 2006, the singer has already a couple of shows in London in a bid to raise more money for peace in Gulu. The plan here is to create awareness in the world over about the worsening situation in Gulu and call upon people to assist her, “I pray that many Ugandans will give me a hand in this,” she said.

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