Weight loss can be a nightmare at times. Some people try so hard to lose it but unfortunately can’t achieve what they want. Briefly, weight loss should be a composition of 3 factors; Life Style, Diet and Exercise implicating one has to live a sound life style, exercise regularly and check on their diet if they are to successfully lose weight.

Karen Rider of News Max lists down some of the 8 foods you should avoid eating if you are to

1. Cream Soups

While broth-based soups can be helpful during a diet, WebMD said to be careful with certain hearty soups. These soups can be very high in fat.

2. Creamy Salad Dressings

A creamy salad dressing can take a healthy salad and turn it quickly into a diet buster. The best choice is to try all that crunchy goodness without any dressing at all. Blue cheese, ranch and peppercorns are among your worst offenders, Medline Plus reported.

3. Coffee Any Way But Black

WebMD also recommended watching your coffee while trying to lose weight. That daily cup of joe is fat free and calorie free when it is black, but if you doctor it up, coffee can be a quick diet buster.

4. Sugary Drinks

Fruit juice may seem like a healthy option, but those drinks are loaded with sugar and calories. Many fruit juices also contain added high fructose corn syrup to make them sweeter. Medline Plus said it is better to eat a piece of fruit rather than drink juice.

5. “Low-Fat” Branded Foods

It is not the fact that the food is “low-fat,” but rather the choices people eating it are making. The Journal of Marketing Research published a study that revealed people who switch to the low-fat labeled version of foods were more likely to over-eat that food.

6. Cheese

Medline Plus listed full-fat cheese as a “worst offender” for people trying to lose weight. These cheeses pack a lot of fat.

7. Baked Foods

You may already be sure to avoid doughnuts, but Medline Plus said anything with high fats, lots of sugar and refined grains are big problems for people trying to lose weight. This includes muffins, scones, cakes and brownies.

8. White Bread

Pick the whole wheat option instead. It will have more fiber and leave you feeling full longer. This advice also covers pastas and white rice. While the whole versions of these starches can be a good part of your diet, the refined versions are less nutritious. Authority Nutrition also said they can cause your blood sugar to spike and make you want to eat more than you should. It can even make your blood sugar go up faster than eating a candy bar.

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