Here are eight exercises to help you bulk up and tone those muscles; like a boss.

From pushups, to mountain climbers, burpees and jumping knee tucks, the exercises below can be teamed in a 5 minute workout you can do every day. And the good news is, this is a gym-less routine which helps you gain body mass; if you are looking to build up some muscle, losing the excess body fat and building general body strength. I have tried this over the last couple of weeks and the results are outstanding.


The most popular on the list, pushups will help you work on your upper body to build strength and mass in your arms (biceps) and chest. Pushups are the best chest exercise there is ever.

Mountain Climbers

Similar to the pushup stance, mountain climbers focus on toning your midsection (torso). Assume the pushup position and alternate between knees in a running stance.
Mountain climbers

Double Pump squat jumps

As the name suggests, with your hands at the back of your head, jump up and extend your body low into a squat. Jump every two squats. This exercise helps to tone you thigh muscles.


A burpee is a full body stretch exercise starting with a pushup and ending in a hands-up jump. After a pushup, stand up on your feet and jump with your arms stretched upwards; a full burpee. Then repeat.

High Knees

High knees are all about stationary running; the goal is to raise your knees up to your core (Abs). Remember to contract your stomach muscles for maximum contraction on your Abs.
High knees -common in soccer training sessions.

High knees -common in soccer training sessions.

Knees-to-Elbow planks

Assume a pushup stance and moving your knees around your sides, touch your elbows; one knee at a time. Knees-to-elbows will help work your core and tone your love handles (sides of your abdomen).

Jumping knees tucks

Like the high knees, jumping knee tucks involve raising your knees well above your waist and this introduces contraction in your core and helps you to lose belly fat. Jump as high as possible in every tuck for full effect. See illustration.
Jump as high as you can.

Jumping Lunges

Lunges are meant to work your leg and thigh muscles to build strength and stamina in your lower body sections. Jumping lunges involve lowering your bodyweight onto the extended leg.

Alternate both legs during the jumping lunges

The above exercises can be combined in a 5 minute workout interchanging from every 30 seconds. With this 5 minute cardio workout, you can good bye to the local gym. The routine is also a good warm up exercise for professional and gym regulars. Try it today and be get in shape.

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