There are several suburbs and residential neighborhoods in Kampala with good schools, offices close by, the city centre within range and a number of shops, restaurants, bars, hotels, boutiques, hospitals and malls close by. However 10 of the most sought after locations to buy a house in Kampala are;

Munyonyo, this is located near the shores of Lake Victoria, which offers beautiful views of the lake and hill top views of the whole city. It is an upscale residential neighborhood in Kampala with a convenient number of lakeside resorts, health centers, supermarkets and 23 minutes from the city centre which makes it popular for those who want to get away from the hustle and noise of the city centre.

Muyenga, this suburb is located at one of the highest points in the city with a number of hill top views of the city and Lake Victoria. This suburb boasts of up market houses and apartments for rent in a safe and quiet environment, there are also good schools, day care centers, clinics and supermarkets. Muyenga is a popular location because it is appropriately far from the city center pollution and noise.

Bugolobi, this location is one of the most sought after locations to buy and rent in Kampala and in Uganda because of its apartments, gated villas/estates and bungalows. Bugolobi also has one of the city’s largest fresh food markets, one of the most efficient private hospitals in Uganda, supermarkets, a mall, good schools, entertainment centers and offices.

Kololo, this is a centrally located suburb and is also an exclusive residential area with bungalows, villas and serviced apartments offering breathtaking views of Kampala. Kololo also has a number of schools and day care centers. Kololo is also popular because of its quiet and calm surroundings despite the large number of malls, bars, restaurants and hotels.

Luzira, this suburb is located near Lake Victoria, and is a sought after location to buy a house because of its bungalows or townhouses are often situated in a private gated communities which are desirable because they are stable and secure. Luzira also boasts of quiet community with a number of schools and convenient stores which makes it an ideal location to buy and rent a house.

Ntinda, this a popular place to buy and rent a house in Uganda because it’s an up market residential neighborhood with gated communities, housing estates and luxury fully-furnished apartments. Ntinda also boasts as one of the city’s foremost commercial centers with a large fresh food market, clinics, pharmacies and supermarkets.

With the need to buy/rent properties in the city, we know that people in Kampala want to buy/rent houses in locations that offer the convenience of the city such as shopping centers but are at the same time quiet and secure which makes these locations popular.

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