A lot of fresh graduates keep on asking this question, “How can I get a job if all jobs need me to have experience?” Its true most jobs need you to have experience but not all. Here are 4 job types in Uganda that won’t ask for a single bit of experience from you – apart from work basics.

  1. Graduate Trainee Programs

This should be the most ideal job for any fresh and inexperienced graduate. A lot of companies/organizations have these programs running. For the case of Uganda, there is Total, most auditing firms, URA, Toyota and many more. But, there’s a condition – you must be a top talent to join them.

Nonetheless, this is a great program for one that is looking to launch a successful career. They’ll equip you with everything you need, from a good salary to a great team of coworkers.

  1. Sales Jobs

Sales jobs are the ones you find most in the market. What does this mean? It means that few people are willing to take them on! In fact, many fresh graduates are horrified when you tell them to take on a sales job. But, one thing shouldn’t be ignored – you need sales techniques in all you’ll ever do. If you’re not selling a proposal to your boss, you’re selling yourself in a job interview.

Yet what people don’t realize is that sales skills are transferable to any profession. So, why not start with a job that will equip you with the most sought after skill in the world – selling!

  1. Freelance Jobs

There is a great number of graduates who have not been completely absorbed in the job market. So what are you doing with the remaining part of your time? And there’s one thing that is crystal clear – you have to survive and also pay your bills. This is where you should consider freelancing. With the advancement in technology, you can actually do a lot with just your laptop.

Freelancing is good for people with practical skills like web designing, statistical analysis etc. It may not pay you as much as your dream job but it will ensure that you stay afloat. So, as you move between interviews, Freelancing should be your fallback position.

  1. Other entry level jobs

Doing an entry level job means being at the bottom of the pyramid – a thing some people hate. But, we have to know that you have to start. For a person with no much experience, there’s no ideal job for you other than an entry level. But, if you get an entry level job, look at the organization’s chart. Then set targets on where exactly you want to be after what period of time.

With this in mind, you’ll be able to work your way up the organizational ladder. So, as a fresh a graduate, it shouldn’t be a major concern where you start from. Just ensure you know exactly where you want to be and work towards that. There are a couple of entry level jobs depending on which company/organization. For example data entrants, sales representatives etc.

There are more jobs that fresh graduates in Uganda can concentrate on, but these are the top 4. In case you know any, just comment with it. For more information about this topic, write Peter Kisadha on his email peter.kisadha@everjobs.ug.

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