Why does God make us to go into a range of problems and does at an hour we don’t expect?

This is a question someone dropped in my inbox and I thought of carrying this response out of the mail boxes, here we go.

It’s a good acknowledgement that God lets (not necessarily makes) us go through them, some it’s his own making, other our mistakes or the devil but with whichever God let’s it happen.

God is Omniscient meaning all knowing, even before anything comes our way, He foresees & foreknows but lets it. God is Omnipotent, meaning all powerful over everything. He stops or controls any/all situations in accordance to His will.

This reminds us that there could be a reason why He lets all this our way & our response is not to complain but approach Him in truth to learn and understand this mystery. Taking a closer look, Romans 8:28 “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”

Never look at yourself as the end of it all, rather God’s purpose of these hard & easy dynamics is, to the end of His purpose that is His glory.

He has given us His promises; Jesus said, You will be persecuted (John15:20-21, Mat 5:11, 10:22) but He will never leave us alone (meaning He will always carry us through these hardships not necessarily take them away) – Mat 28:20. He promised to give us Peace not like what the world gives rather that surpasses all understanding (John 14:27) that is peace amidst the storm.

Also these hard situations refine our Faith i.e. drawing us closer to God, strengthening our relationship & dependence on Him. This’s what God desires. If he can mold u through hardships unto the person He desires u to be for His Kingdom, the better than you enjoying the whole world & yet lose your soul. However God’s ways are not limited to this our response so if you can heed this from Him even without waiting for hardships the better but God chooses. This sounds like the moment when you should run fast away from Him but the best way of doing so is by running to Him.

Taking an example from daily life, pure gold is purified from its raw core using fire, very high temperatures of fire about 7000c. If gold core had feelings it’ld be the worst thing it’ld desire to go thru yet its owner wants pure Gold from it to show its value. Hard situations are the fire, we are the Gold core, God is your owner, and He wants us to be Pure Gold, Fit for his Kingdom.

The Psalmists testify of this; David in Psalm 139. See how much God knows you and what u go thru even before u taste it. Pray, seeking him the more, delight in him more (Psalm 37:2-6), Listen from Him frequently through reading & studying His Word, The Bible. You’ll be a testimony to many around you.
Jesus promised that, if you remain in Him & His words remain in you, ask for whatever you need & He will grant it – John 15 (because you’ll have asked out of His will/word)

My dear God is in control, do not loose heart, Job persevered till the end & indeed God rewarded him not because of his (Job) faithfulness but because God is Faithful to His word. Also God is much interested in what you’ve got at heart than at hand. God has placed eternity at the hearts of men, set your mind above the earth, work hard in Him, and He will surely bless the works of your hand. He will reward you in due time.
Matthew 6:32, “but seek first the Kingdom of God & his righteousness, and all these other things will be added unto you” – Jesus

So time to ask rightly, Why DOESN’T God make us to go into a range of problems and does at an hour we don’t expect?

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