Housing may be the most important on a long list of an expatriate’s plights. Getting the perfect house in a foreign land, unlike finding the perfect internet connection or getting a proper meal is less of an adventure and more a highly draining experience.

Lamudi offers some advice for expatriates looking for the perfect house to buy;


Before moving to a new destination, ensure that you do as a lot of studying about the ways of life, culture and general lifestyle of the people you are going to be exposed to.

Buying a house is not a decision that is made overnight and therefore, you ought to invest time and view as many options as possible before finally placing your signature on the sheet.

Because this may not always be possible to do after you have moved, make your research prior to moving. One helpful way is by searching online.

Go online

Online real estate portals have made it so much easier to find affordable housing. Although they may not necessarily give you what you may like immediately, they will lead you to a network of trusted and credible real estate agents who will help you through the decision.

Take your time

When looking for a house, ensure that you do not search rashly. Patience always yields the best results. It’s always wiser to start the search for a house months prior to moving so that desperation doesn’t make you settle for second best.

Have an open mind

When buying a house, ensure that you do not have high expectations. Perfection is one of the attributes our universe is most deprived of.

Do not be too critical therefore, go out with an open mind and even though you may not get the 100% you are looking for, you will be able to find something you can work with.

It’s also important to remember that in a different country, conditions are bound to be different from your home and therefore you should be able to embrace new culture, new challenges and difference whether as during your house hunt or even in other aspects of living.


Real estate agents are a helpful and effective resource for any expatriate searching for a house to buy or rent.

They are credible, organized and have a variety of properties you can search from. You can be able to contact a number of agents through online portals such as Lamudi. These list properties from a number of agencies and therefore offer easy access.

Moving to a different country should not be as scary and draining now that we have provided you with a few tips to help you buy or rent a good property/home.

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