For some time now, I have been hearing about sexual dissatisfaction among young couples. Men complain that their spouses are not sexually attracted to them or women are saying their boyfriends or fiancés were just not interested in sex or had no desire for them.

Most of these couples have unmet sexual needs and feel unsatisfied with their sex life. What causes sexual dissatisfaction? I am left to wonder.

Most people have no idea whether the cause of their sexual frustration can be due to physical or psychological reasons. No matter what the reason might be, sex is an imperative part in every relationship.

Without sex or ‘having fun’ in the relationship it becomes boring and problems will certainly arise.

We must not forget that in a given relationship, couples are sexually incompatible (They don’t have the same sex drive).

When a man is sexually displeased or starved, he acts weird and most times will turn out to be violent and hostile, but when women notice that their needs are not being met, they show some dissatisfaction.

Some women resort to shopping, binge eating or talking on the phone with other women all day and night long to distract their sexual stress.

Researchers have found out that most couples do not have real communication on sorting out their sexual needs, women are afraid to raise it since they may fear possible consequences.

According to Blogger AbdiMahad, the following signs are exhibited by couples whose sexually deprived.

They are moody and unhappy. They get angry with you over some trifle issues. They do not show any enthusiasm in your presence

They have an inability to sleep. At night, they twist and turn in bed. They wake you up and tell you they can’t fall back asleep.

They have little or no emotional attachment

They engage in a constant argument with you

They complain about everything and start criticizing you at the things that never used to bother them before.

They bring up the name of their ex in the conversation

They do not say ‘I love you’ as much as they did, because they are emotionally withdrawn.

They do not show you any affection such as kissing, touching and cuddling.

They do not show you respect.

They do not share common interests. This time, they do not do things you two used to enjoy doing together. They tell you they hate the romantic movies they used to watch. This time, they start watching scary or action movies.

They do not call you when you are at work.

Men in particular start dating or cheating on other women

Men sometimes withhold money from their partners.

Men start controlling women

Some men who are not polygamous use a manual stimulation to feel better. A few numbers of wives reportedly get sexual gratification through self-stimulation

If you are experiencing the above, it’s time to have the talk with your loved one because not every person voices his or her sexual concern.

Case in point, not every woman moans, some have never achieved vaginal, clitoral and G-spot orgasm before.

Communication and trust are the key factors of a long lasting relationship, talk about what you would love to be done to you and ask what your partner prefers while making love to help reduce sexual dissatisfaction among young couples. You will be amazed by the results from “the talk”.

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