Are you are ready to sell your house? Have you checked every small detail that will help you sell your house? Many home owners neglect the small aspects of the house when selling it. Repairing the house solely will not help your property sell fast, other small details like cleaning, painting and setting up your house might seem trivial but actually play an important part in helping your house sell quickly.

There are several things that will need to be done before you put up your house for sale. Use the check list below to help you set up your property for sale

Tidy Up: It is important to tidy up the clutter that might be displayed around your house especially if you are or thinking of hosting an open house. If the house is cluttered then you will not be able to have the full attention of the potential buyers or display the property in all its glory. So make sure all the clutter is out of site before you put up it up for viewing.

Clean Up: No matter how attractive and valuable your property a dusty and dirty house will not sale and you will lose several potential customers. Dust, scrub, mop, wash and polish every possible surface in the house especially corners and cupboards that could have gone unnoticed over the years. If you do not have enough help, you can hire professional cleaners or ask your friends and family for assistance.

Add a fresh coat of paint: Walls and surfaces often gather smudges, scratches or dirt from people touching the surfaces over a long period of time and will not look attractive to prospect buyers. A fresh coat of paint will give your property that “new” house feeling and entice prospect buyers. Choosing the right color of paint is also important as this will make or break your opportunity to make a quick sale.

Aesthetical appeal: it is important that your property is appealing to the eye before you put it up for sell. This can usually be achieved by the right lighting, paint and decorations. Do not be afraid to use bold colors to make your property attractive. People like seeing a home that is attractive make use of exciting decorations, pillows and paintings. This will capture the attention of potential buyers.

Detail, Detail: Every detail counts when it comes to selling your house so do not neglect even the smallest of details. If you think everything is perfect role play with a friend and see what they notice that you might have neglected. Every small detail counts in this situation do let something as small as a squeaky loose tile or faulty sink ruin your sale.

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