Following hundreds of rumor flowing in the media, the truth has finally come out and the doctors in Mulago hospital indicated that there was too much toxins in his blood and he was extremely intoxicated during the time of his death in simpler words he was too drunk as his death was primarily caused by drugs.

He must have lost his balance at the washrooms and hit his head on a sharp edge which in turn caused internal bleeding and worst of all blood flowing to his brain.

He blacked out after hitting his head and this is common in a way that if you are too drunk and your head is hit you are likely to black out since alcohol is so much in your brain.

With all this analysis we clarify that too much alcohol made him to lose his balance and fall hence hitting his head on a sharp edge and this caused internal bleeding, making him to black-out too and the real cause of his death was internal bleeding. The fight also had a slight contribution to his death.

This cuts out all rumors that he was murdered as the doctors have come out to speak the truth after thorough examination.

In other news, his vigil was full of sorrow and as most of us know he was laid to rest at his ancestral home today (March 19th 2015).

May his soul rest in peace!!!! Kindly type RIP below in the comment box!

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