The media has been recently flooded with stories of buildings collapsing in city centers and other areas. A few weeks ago we witnessed a tragic incidence when a building collapsed in Makerere injuring and killing a number of people and another collapsed in Kenya leading to the loss of lives.

If cheap materials, inexperienced engineers and poor architectural structures are used during the construction process the structure will eventually collapse. Shakib Nsubuga, Country Manager of Lamudi in Uganda, said: “ Most of these buildings collapse because the proper channels are not followed and proper materials are rarely used. It is important that more stringent measures are put in place in order to maintain buildings that are up to standards.”

This week we share with you tips to follow when constructing long lasting buildings.

Use the right material in the right way

Most building materials are only strong and long lasting if they are used in the right way. While wood is a good material to use when constructing a roof of a building it is not necessarily advisable to use it as window frames. When designing a building it is important that you use the right materials in the right area in order to prevent the property collapsing or failing to stay in place when faced with climates and catastrophes.

Use Professionals when constructing/building

It is important to use the right professionals for the right areas when building or constructing a building. Most people in Kampala claim to be “a jack of all trades” whereby a plumber will claim to know what a painter and electrician do and dupe you into to paying for half hazard and unsafe connections. Do not risk to higher one person to do all the work because you think this will save you money because in the run this mistake will cost you more money and possibly lives.

What materials to use

Over time materials have adapted with the need for man to create long lasting structures to withstand the constantly changing climate and environment. For example in Dubai man has now created structures that can be built on water bodies and sand something that was not possible in the beginning. Some of the materials to use are:

  • Concrete because if used in the right way it can be disaster resistant. In cases of fire, earthquakes, tornados e.t.c concrete is very resistant.

  • Bricks have always been the tradition building material. If used right bricks can produce a long lasting structure. Apart from being affordable they have a hard consistency that is good for buildings.

  • Stone is a very reliable raw building material this is because it resists deforming, weathers and helps maintain stable interior environments.

  • Iron and Steel, these materials are important when building skyscrapers, tall buildings put a lot of weight on a load bearing walls hence the iron and steel help with keeping them upright.

Shelter is a basic need and therefore when it comes to creating shelter it is important that we pay attention to every small detail.

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