Google Uganda organised a Google Apps Supporting Program (GASP) summit aimed at reducing all internet barriers and institutions with information about the the program.

The summit which was held at Protea Hotel in Kampala on 10th-11th june, highlighted the benefits of the GASP, and showcased the work Google is doing with exisiting universities with a focus on infrasturcture support and intergration.

Google which is an innovative search technologies that connect millions of people around the world with information, said that Uganda universites will benefit from GASP because of the free offers it gives like customised tools that enable faculties, staff and students to work together, learn effectively through the provision of Google Apps.

Google also stated that it is working to facilitate a vibrant and sustainable internet ecosystem with GASP. Where GASP seeks to reduces any communication barriers like internet access barriers and collaborate thousands of universities and institutions staff and students. This will help enhance teaching, learning and research through the use of Google tools and technologies.
While speaking at the summit, John Wesonga the GASP lead for Sub- Saharan Africa, highlighted the benefits of the program and said,

“The program is an initiative designed to catalyse internet usage and Google Apps adoption in Sub – Saharan Africa universities through the provision of Google Apps for education and that Google will support the institutions through deployment of the program, strengthening existing ICT services, technical consulting and training.”

The conference targeted universities senior management like VC’s and ICT managers in Uganda to bring together over 20 public and private universities and institutions in the region.

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