There was discussion between the president of Uganda and the prime minister of Britain Gordon Brown on a number of issues including the land problem and the compensation of the World War II veterans.

Museveni said Britain, Uganda’s former colonial rule should create funds for compensation of landlords in Uganda so that mailo-land tenants can be economically empowered. The system of individual ownership of land was brought in by the British administration. Mailo –land remains a sticking issue creating wrangles between landlords and tenants.

The two leaders also talked about the payments of gratuity and pension for the veterans who fought alongside the British force in the World War II.

Brown promise to introduce the issue to the British parliament. And since Uganda had been granted 70million pounds per year for ten years, some of this money may be set to meet the land funds and payments of the pension to the veterans.

Museveni was also asked to intervene in the Zimbabwe crisis, the problem of Darfur in the western Sudan. Where violence has persisted for the past two years.

Museveni promised to use his new mandate as chairperson of commonwealth to talk to the president of Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe, and also observed that south Sudan was in the better position to help western Sudan. He added that the situation in the northern Uganda was irreversible.

Brown praised the policy in Uganda for the universal primary and secondary Education but raised concern of the quality of education and finally promised assistance to improve the quality of education

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