The things that go on in Uganda are simply amazing. Regardless I do love this country. It is simply one of a kind. Democracy is the norm. Should Mr. Museveni lose the elections, Eng. Badru Kiggundu will indeed announce the actual winner. It isn’t like he is appointed by the president, is he?

It is also obvious that if Museveni loses, he will simply relinquish power. He  won’t cling to power like Gbagbo did in Côte d’Ivoire or Nkurunziza is doing in Burundi, and even if he tries, our army the Uganda People’s Defence Force  is extremely professional.

It really does defend the people. We never have cases of red tops beating up civilians on the streets of Kampala.  The army will take whoever wins the election as its commander in chief so Museveni can only wish in his wildest of dreams to use it as tool to cling to power.

It is 100% independent. It is simply a coincidence that most the top army generals are Westerners and those from other regions were childhood friends of the president or proved their loyalty to him. Many Generals actually freely come out to criticize the government and still retain their army ranks and responsibilities. Gen. Sejusa is a perfect example of that.

Our elections are free and fair and there has never been rigging. It is simply a myth. In fact  top  Generals like Sejusa who retained his responsibilities even after criticizing the government have always come out with witness, 1st hand, credible information to prove that that there has never and will never be rigging in Uganda.

Ranks in the army are given out according to merit. It is extremely legitimate. It is simply coincidence that most of the army generals’ are westerners. Even the president’ son, Brigadier Muhoozi Kainerugaba has slowly risen through the ranks at snail speed just like a normal Ugandan.

When people graduate, job opportunities are in abundance, just like the Nile pours water into the MediterraneanSea.  Employers have serious battles in order to acquire employees, and the economy is simply flourishing. It would take a great depression for the pound to hit 5,000/-.

An area where Museveni has more than scored is security. Cases of people like Aine disappearing are unheard off. Aine is busy protecting Mbabazi. Our state prosecutors like the Great, Joan Kagezi are given too much security and yet they don’t even need security because the country is safe.

The safety has enabled them convict Al-sha- bab terrorists. Assassinations cannot be attempted because the country reacts with brute force to such things. They cannot let such a case go cold, because such cases are serious and clear hostility towards the government.

The Children of today don’t even know what a murram road looks like. Roads all over the country, be it Kisoro, Busia, Karamoja or Arua are all tarmacked. The Children of today don not even know what its like to have no electricity. Rural Electrification has come to pass and UMEME has reached all corners of the country, but what else would you expect considering all the dams being commissioned.

Our Education system is so up to date. The children of today study things that are completely different from what Museveni studied in the 1950s. Our History classes and SST classes don not stop in the colonial era and independence but rather go way past the Amin rule and even touch the Museveni government that started less than only 3 decades ago.

The president is very neutral as he appoints his officials. It isn’t like 21 of the 32 cabinet ministers are from the West .His wife isn’t even a Minister.

The Police motto is to protect Human rights. Journalists are never beaten into commas or bloody pulps. Unarmed demonstrators peacefully deliver their messages on the streets of Kampala, protected by the police from any violence.

In fact Dr. Kizza Besigye often asks “What is this tear gas people are always talking about?” This man doesn’t even know what tear gas is. This is simply because the Ugandan government doesn’t waste tax payer’s money importing tear gas tanks. The police are very respectful during arrests; there are no cases of pepper spray or brute force.

The IGP, a man appointed by the president, a very neutral man ensures that everyone enjoys freedom and peace. Despite the president appointing him, he is a man of principle and fights for what is right whether M7 approves or not. We have no cases of opposition leaders being unjustly subjected to House arrest.

Presidential aspirants campaign freely. They are never blocked from going anywhere and their campaigns are never cut short. Mr. Besigye freely enters any of our healthy, flourishing hospitals and health Centre across the country at will. The Government has nothing to hide.

Magical Realism is defined as what happens when a highly, detailed, realistic setting is invaded by something too strange to believe. It would be Magical realism if the above were actually the situation in Uganda.

However with time, it can become a reality. Regardless I still do love Uganda but it would be a great payment for me if this realism transformed to reality.

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