Lamudi Uganda announced the launch of the #LamudiUgandaChallenge that gives an opportunity to them to showcase and celebrate their 400,000 followers on social media.

The challenge which will be managed on social media as Lamudi is present there under LamudiUG on facebook, @LamudiUganda on Twitter and LamudiUganda Instagram will engage with the public on what Lamudi is all about .

“we want people to share their artistic interpretation and understanding of Lamudi. This is a conversation we’re hoping to have with our followers.”

Essentially Lamudi is all about real estate, it incorporates architectural design, décor and general landscaping. They hope to channel the artistic eye of Ugandans and call them to share their ‘views’ of Lamudi. This can be in the form of;

Photography; by taking pictures of a view within the criteria that speaks to them. To enter, snap, post and win.
Videography/vine, which can be employed to showcase life in motion. Vines are short, looped videos that would serve this exact purpose.
Poetry which is ultimately not the most obvious real estate appreciation medium but why not go for it? Maybe someone could write about how the architect of a particular building or a view of a particular landscape makes them feel.

This mean one to enter the competition they have to take a snap, record or put pen to paper; post whatever aligns them with the idea of Lamudi and stand a chance to win Ush. 300,000.

People who are to do any of the above will need to use the following hashtags on the different social media platforms #LamudiUGChallenge, #ThatLamudiFeeling or #LamudiWange on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Lamudi Uganda’s country manager Shakib Nsubugu said,

“we’re growing as a company and we think this is the right time for us to engage our lamudi partners, both sellers & buyers. This is an opportunity for us to maximize and leverage the potential of the growing online social media platforms especially Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. This gives us the opportunity to get concrete feedback on what Ugandans feel about their surroundings in relation to what Lamudi offers as a service”

The public will choose their winners. The more people like, share, favorite or retweet a submission, the better because that will determine the ultimate monthly winner.

The ultimate prize is Ushs. 300,000 but weekly winners will take home choice prizes like t-shirts, caps. The winners will be announced on our social media pages at the end of every week and month.

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