Wefie, pronounced as “WE-fee”, is simply a selfie but with two or more people in it. Urban dictionary describes wefie as a plural of a selfie.

Well, Infinix Mobility in the last week of April 2017 launched the Infinix S2 and Infinix S2 Pro. The Infinix S2 is the second from the HOT S series and is also the “world’s first wefie smartphone”.

According to Infinix, Wefie (pronounced wefee) is an advanced front camera functionality that lets you capture more wide angled group selfies.

The dual cameras on the front top bezel of the Infinix S2 Pro are the talk of town. With every big smartphone manufacturer making a play with dual cameras, Infinix jumped on that train as well.

The S2 Pro has two cameras, a 13MP standard selfie lens and a much wider 135 degrees wide-angle lens. Images from the 13MP lens are detailed but it’s hard not to notice all the aggressive post processing going on.

The 8MP wide-angle lens captures much more in the frame but suffers from barrel distortion – you can see that the edges of the image seem to be curved.

However, for selfie lovers, the wide-angle lens is a fun feature to have as you can fit in more people and objects.

The phone can be currently got at online stores like Kilimall; and at shops like, Banana phone world, Charm Towers, Karumi Communications Ltd, Micromax Company – Ambassador House, Gadget Store, Beries (all along Kampala Road) and Rabbi Communications Ltd opposite Entebbe Road.

Infinix S2 Pro in Uganda goes for Shs648,000.

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