Every driver on the road thinks he/she is a good driver but understanding the brake pedal from the clutch doesn’t mean being a good driver. Amazing driving skills require honing and polishing from time to time, with so much to do with personal character as well as the type of personality you can imagine. However, mistakes are made by professional drivers but caution has to be exercised while on the road. 4×4 Uganda Car Rentals shares with you the 10 qualities that show you are a good driver;


A good driver has the skill to steer, brake, change gears, and smoothly accelerate while causing less stress on the vehicle’s mechanics hence preventing inappropriate and irrelevant breakdowns. Defensive driving is crucial for drivers while on the road and in so doing, you are able to recognize and react to a potential situation before they even take place for your safety and other road users. When you act on situations before they happen, then it means you are a proactive driver hence a good driver.

As a good driver, you should be able to foresee what other road users will do- whether a pedestrian will run into the road, a child playing on the pavement, or a stray animal crossing the road hence vigilance is important.

Education and Training

Education and training are important qualities of a good driver and in this case, you don’t need to have a Diploma or Degree to be a good driver. However, you need to have gone to a driving school (for your Class A, B Driver’s License) to put you on the right track.


Regardless of education, training, and skill, having the right attitude is so important because in so doing, you will be able to keep calm and tolerant at all times. However, being overly fearful doesn’t make you a good driver and the key is to not panic during emergency situations, peace of mind, and patience to take the right decision depending on the situation. You should be self-aware of your bad driving habits and always work hard to become better and overcome them.

Having the right attitude also means being courteous to other road users such as pedestrians, motorcyclists, bicyclists, and others.


Education/training, skills, and attitude isn’t the only quality you need to have as a good driver, also knowledge of the traffic rules on the road, and knowledge about the vehicle. Being a good driver, you will be able to know what brings about accidents (such as fatigue, dozing off, and other distracting events) and hence will find a way to avoid or minimize them.

You should be able to know the shortcomings and abilities of the vehicle and thus be well-equipped with the perfect response plan to avoid dangerous situations. You should know how difficult it is to step on the brakes, and have stability and traction control.


While on your road trips, there are times you will be stuck in traffic, or a passenger takes longer than expected, your schedule will be delayed for some reason, the Parking space is full and yet you wish to be at your final destination on time. Such situations should be expected in the everyday life of a driver, but regardless of the situation, it is advisable to be calm and patient because it’s “better safe than sorry”.

Time management

The ability to track time and ensure efficiency has its benefits and in such circumstances, the only way you will know you are a good driver is when you are able to keep time when dealing with clients (travelers). You will be able to take breaks at the right time, reach final destinations on-time and complete errands as planned. As a good driver, you will pre-plan your routes and know when to make stopovers along the journey.

Awareness & Alertness

A good driver is always alert and aware at all times while driving. This is not only for your safety but for those around you. You should be aware of the nature of the road, prevailing weather conditions, traffic around you, and how your vehicle is performing.

What you need to know is that not everyone is a careful driver like you, there are several other road users who aren’t as careful as you are thus as a good driver, you should stay alert all the time on the road for your safety and others.


Being a reliable driver means clients will be comfortable around you, hence very important for your work. Some of the ways you can prove to be reliable are by being able to get your tasks completed on time, accepting that you need help and seeking it, properly understanding safety requirements, and ensuring that clients reach their final destinations safely and their luggage isn’t damaged.


Being able to communicate/engage visitors is another quality that shows you are a good driver. Communication isn’t only limited to clients/visitors but also your fellow drivers in the industry, your employer, and others.

Self Discipline

Self-discipline is what many drivers lack and if you possess this quality, then you are a good driver. Would you stop when traffic lights go red late in the night when there aren’t any traffic officers? While this sometimes seems like a small thing, it can put you in danger of getting into accidents, more over late in the night.

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