Hiring a car is one thing any traveler on a safari should put into consideration. It is what makes your safari complete but the car rental company you choose to deal with also matters a lot. Hiring a high-quality car in East Africa is now easier than ever before. But not all car rentals in East Africa are created equal. Some are good, the ones that offer a variety of top-notch car models, 24/7 help, and a hassle-free process, all while not hurting your pocket. But, what you need to watch out for are fraudsters, the companies that just want to make quick money.

Choosing the right car hire company can be confusing and challenging at first if you do not know what you are looking for, because there are many factors to consider. This makes the task of choosing the right one stressful.

Here are the factors to consider when hiring a car rental company.

Conduct Through Research

The process of choosing a car rental company can be tough if you do not have the right factors that you need to consider. That is why you need to start this process by conducting enough research. Ideally, there are thousands of car rental companies out there that can offer you better car rental services. However, to ensure that you find a reliable auto company, make sure you do your homework. Use up-to-date resources to get auto details that will help you to make the right choice.

Consider the Location of the Car Rental Company

As mentioned above, multiple car rental services have been established today, providing car rental services. However, when you are making your selection, one of the vital factors that you should remember is the rental company’s location that you intend to choose. Take your time to find a reliable car rental company that offers affordable car rental services and make sure it is situated in an easily accessible location. It is advisable to go for a car rental company located near your home in most cases.

Go through Car Rental Terms

Before you hire or choose a car rental company, make sure you read and understand their terms and conditions. It is one of the common mistakes that most people commit when going for car rental services. It is advisable to read all the details and see if they suit your lifestyle. If you do not understand the information, ensure that you ask for clarification. But choose a car rental company that has reasonable terms and conditions.

Do Your Research

As mentioned earlier in our post, there are many car rental companies that you can find all over across various countries. Before you make an effort to hire one, it is advisable to ensure that you conduct enough research. When you spare your time to find out more about car rentals, it becomes easy to find a car rental firm that will suit your needs. Also, ensure that you consider using top-rated car rental websites to get the latest information.


If you want to hire a car rental company, make sure that you consider its reputation. Most of the companies are widely known for their reliable and quality services that they offer to their customers. That is why it is paramount to read online testimonials and reviews before you make your final decision. Hiring a reputable company means that you are secured and safe while on the roads.

Customer Care Services

When hiring a car rental company, it is vital to take your time and visit the company before hiring it. Once you arrive at the intended company, take your time to identify the quality of services that they deliver to their customers. A professional company will ensure that they meet the needs of their clients, and as a result, they will provide quality customer service. That is why you should hire a car rental company that provides quality and satisfying customer services to their customers.

Vehicle Selection

Since you need a car rental company, make sure that you take your time to check on the available types of vehicles that a given company offers. For example, if you are planning to travel with your family, you should look for a car rental company that provides various cars that will accommodate your family. In other words, you should hire a company that has a wide range of vehicles that will suit your needs.


Different Car Hire Companies will offer different prices. Though everyone strives to save money, choosing a cheap option while renting a vehicle might not necessary be the best for an individual`s needs. Cheap may be expensive in the long run. That’s why it is advisable that you get quotes from different car rental companies on the type of vehicle you want to hire. This will assist you in selecting which car rental company has the right pricing for your pocket.

Furthermore, research on modes of payment other than cash can accept online, mobile or credit card payments with official company receipts as proof of payments.

Distance Traveled

Companies will normally offer you different rates when you rent their cars, one where you’ll have to pay for the number of kilometers you travel and another where you can travel without worrying about the distance. In terms of daily rate, paying per kilometer is usually the cheaper option. When hiring, one with unlimited kilometers can travel freely without worrying about the extra cost.

Road assistance

When choosing for Car Hire Company or agency to deal with, make sure that you inquire more on breakdown-if there is any provision for rescue of car and if you will be required to pay addition amount or not. However, most car hire agencies off a 24hour road assistance although you do not need to assume that it happens to all.

Additional costs

Did you know that there are hidden costs/charges that some car rental companies do not tell clients online but when booking they disclose to you? Do not be taken by surprise with a new charge presented to you at the end of day/actual day of hiring a car. Ask and find out what your quotation includes or excludes.


Different car hire companies have their own set insurance policy or terms and conditions. Because of this, you need not to assume that this applies to all or they all provide comprehensive or third party insurance. To be on safer side, you have to inquire more about this. Usually, insurance policy covers the car rental only while others include the visitor’s life and property. On the other hand, other agencies may require you to purchase your own or for the car too.

In conclusion, are you renting a car for your vacation? If yes, you should take your time to learn how to get the right type of car that will suit your vacation needs. Even if renting a vehicle for your vacation makes sense, you need to ensure that you find the right factors you should consider.

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