So in Uganda today we are witnessing an increasing number of female drivers mostly young graduates who are fresh from campus fresh from campus. They can be seen cruising vehicles ranging from ordinary saloon cars to state of the art SUV’s but have you ever wondered just how they maintain these cars or if they actually know what they are driving?

Lets check out a few pointer’s that our ladies need to look out before taking that car out for a spin.

Things To Look Out For When Buying A Car

Mileage of the engine:This is crucial in determining how long the car had been used overseas by the previous owners and it also helps you to determine the life span of the engine and how often you will be visiting a mechanic shop.

Safety: Find out by asking your mechanic or Google if the particular model you are interested in is equipped with anti lock brakes which is a modern braking system also if the suspension of the car can sustain its stability all this is crucial in determining the speeds you can do in your car.

Engine capacity: The bigger the engine the more fuel you will spend and the also the higher your service charges will be with the mechanic.So determine what you want to use the car for and then pick a model that suits you best.

Professional advice: It’s crucial to seek assistance from a person who understands vehicles s that they can help you do a thorough check of your car to assess if it has welding marks which may be a sign that it was involved in a crash before.Also they can check things like tyres, suspension,plugs etc to ascertain how well the car has been kept.

Research this should be key in your search for a new car to determine availability of spare parts for your car and the common challenges associated with  that particular model .

Budget above all its crucial that when shopping for a car make sure you have a clear budget otherwise the car dealers can easily sway you to opt for a more expensive model and thus end up squeezing your budget or borrowing a loan.

Reliability for ladies its very important you buy a car that is reliable both off road and urban drive hence it would be a wise choice to get a vehicle with a four wheel drive system to reduce fears of being stuck in mud.

Comfort this is also another aspect to watch out for especially fr women you need to ensure the car you are buying is comfortable on the inside

Service Point It’s key that you establish a good relationship with your mechanic because when it comes to cars it all boils down to one thing TRUST.

So ladies next time you wanna drive that adorable car of your dreams, always remember its not just about driving but how well you understand what you are driving especially on Ugandan roads.

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