Do you have plans of crossing the border of Uganda into any of the neighboring East African countries-Rwanda, Kenya or Tanzania? Mum and Dad Uganda Tours can make it happen because we understand that most travelers wish to combine tours/safaris between countries. For instance, you might wish to enjoy game drives in Uganda’s Queen Elizabeth National Park, gorilla trekking and Chimpanzee trekking within Bwindi and Kibale Forest respectively, then proceed to Rwanda’s Kigali City, Nyungwe Forest and Volcanoes National Parks. We totally understand that the idea of crossing the border with a hired Car is daunting but once the fine print is read and properly understood, you are likely to go farther than expected.

While the option of Uganda Car Hire with cross border is offered at Mum and Dad Uganda Tours, we only allow it for selected car types and to specific countries. One of the mistakes that most travelers do is crossing the border without informing the company but once you do this, you might be risking because third party insurance isn’t covered in another country. Also, if you fail to inform us of your plans to cross the border to another country, you will be breaking our contractual terms and conditions, in addition to voiding your insurance thus lose any accident or breakdown cover. For this reason, you will need approval from the Company and should be done at least 48 hours prior to the pick-up date of the Car hire.

With most Car Hire Companies in Uganda, a certain cross border fee is required to allow you drive the Car to another country. Also, remember that a number of travel restrictions will be put in place and they include how long you will be allowed to drive the Car out of the country and this varies from one Company to the other. Another important thing to note is that the type/category of Car you rent will have an effect on whether you are allowed to cross the border or not.

Do you know why most Car Hire Companies charge cross-border fees? Well, this is mainly charged to cater for any additional insurance that would be important for driving the Car outside Uganda. This fee will ensure that your insurance covers remains valid and the Company will provide the appropriate documentation. The amount will depend on the vehicle type and where you are heading to (be it Rwanda, Kenya or Tanzania) but varies from $10 and $50 per day.

Requirements for Hiring a Car with Cross Border

Whatever country you are crossing to, you will be requested for documents and these include;

Permission letter from the Car Hire Company

Before you cross the Border to another country, you will be requested (at the passport control at the border) for a letter of permission from the Car Hire Company. This should bear a signature and stamp of the Company, plus the National Identity Card.

Vehicle log book

Besides the permission letter from the Car Hire Company, you will need to present the vehicle log book and this is a proof that you are legally crossing the border with a rented Car.

Reflective sticker on the Rental Car

Besides permission letter and vehicle log book, another important requirement for car hire with cross border is having a reflective sticker on the Rental Car.

Your National/International Driving permit

You will also need to have a valid National or International Driving permit before you can be allowed to cross the Border with the Rental Car.

Is it possible to drop-off the Car in another country?

Yes, it is possible to cross the border with the Rental Car, but this depends on the Company and even those that do offer it at a high rate. All in all, most Companies aren’t so flexible when it comes to dropping cars in other countries than when it is with temporary crossing and returning back into the country.

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