Are you planning to undertake a road trip to your favorite safari destination in Uganda? Or better still, do you have a meeting with your client?

These are just some of the few cases that would require a set of wheel and renting a car in Uganda is undeniably the most reliable option of getting around.

Therefore, the following are the undisputed advantages of renting a car in Uganda;

Helps you to discover/experience more

It is a widely known fact that travelers become limited when exploring around with public transport means, yet you could actually discover more stunning attractions if you had a car. You are actually in-charge/ or in control hence no need to worry about when to kick-off your trip and when/where to conclude it. When you rent a car, you can actually have as many en-route stopovers as you wish, when you desire to stop and take photos or enjoy the breathtaking views of Uganda’s countryside.

Cost less and are more affordable

When you rent a car, you are actually getting your mind off worries of maintenance as well depreciation losses.  Owing to the fact that you don’t have to use the car every day, but rather special events only. You will also be relieved from the stress of insurance fees or servicing. In ordinary eyes, public transport is cheaper but in real sense it is not because after you missed the bus or get lost in the process of reaching to your final destination, you might end up hiring a cab which in the end cost a lot.

You can choose which car you want to use

Depending on the nature of trip (whether game viewing, gorilla safari or cultural tour), you can decide on which car you wish to ride for the road transfer. This is not the car with public transport means, whereby if it’s a bus transporting you to Kisoro, it is also a bus taking you to Kidepo, Lake Mburo and Semliki National Park or Jinja. We have a wide range Rental Car options for travelers to choose from. Whether you are looking for a fancy car for your luxury safari, a 4X4 car for a road trip to the remote safari destinations, we make it happen.

Freedom while Travelling

You will understand the importance of freedom of travelling when you see a nice hidden gem like jaw-dropping hilltop views, exciting wildlife along the way, magnificent waterfalls, irresistible mountain slopes and Valleys. Such attractions can’t be missed for any reason, not even time schedule and if you feel that way, then renting a car is the way to go. Not only that, you will have the pleasure of stopping the car to check-out some attractions without inconveniencing your neighbor, as it is with buses.

Expect comfort

Renting a Car makes it possible to enjoy your adventure at your own speed, without being worried about schedules. You can choose what kind of car to go for, considering leg space, comfortable seats and refrigerators yet your opinion won’t matter when you travel with public means, especially buses in developing countries like Uganda and Rwanda.

Reliable breakdown assistance

Most Car Rental Companies offer breakdown services, in case of such eventualities (which are rare during road trips), owing to the fact that vehicles are usually maintained. But it is always good to plan for the bad while hopping for the good. For this reason, we are just a call away from offering assistance in case of car breakdowns.

Stress-free booking and payment systems

Instead of rushing to the bus station to make payments for your journey, renting a car makes it easy to book online and make payments via credit card system. You don’t even have to worry about lining up at the bus station.

Safety and better performance

Compared to most public transport means (the buses and matatus), rental cars are always on good condition, with less mileage on them as well as given the fact that they are frequently maintained hence guaranteeing visitor safety and better performance on the road. It is very rare to hear or read that rental cars have been involved in accidents as it is with buses and matatus.

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