A Hiker’s Guide To Conquering Mountains in Uganda

realized it would be better presented by one who’s summited more mountains than I’ll ever be able to. A of couple of weeks back I asked...

Explore Uganda’s Natural Treasures on a Guided Safari

Uganda is blessed with a wealth of natural elements that make it a beautiful nation with a diverse population and give Uganda tours a...

Batwa tribe demands affirmative action in UWA game ranger recruiting.

In the Kanungu district, the Batwa Community is asking the Uganda Wildlife Authority to use affirmative action when hiring game rangers. In July of last...

Uganda is listed in CNN’s top travel destinations for 2023.

After ranking the East African nation as one of the greatest locations to visit this year, CNN Travel reinstated Uganda to the honored list...

Threat of Extinction for the Grey-Crested Crane in Uganda

Wildlife activists in Uganda are concerned about the continued use of exposed electricity transmission wires in the country. They argue that the wires constitute...

Uganda Gorilla Highlands Sets New Tourism Initiative

Uganda gorilla Highlands has set a new tourism initiative aimed at promoting the region using digital marketing. These highlands are located in the Southwest of...

Exploring Karamoja: In the footsteps of W.D.M Bell on a Bicycle

Over one hundred years ago, a Scotsman W.D.M ‘Karamoja’ Bell arrived in Mombasa at the age of 20 with the goal of travelling to...

The River That Swallows Souls

An s-shaped bend in the road, running through more than a kilometer. A deep valley on either side of the road. In the middle...

My Harmonious Journey to Africa’s Heaven

It is called the 'Mashriqu'I-Adhkar', the Persian translation for 'the dawning place of the praise of God'. It is also the Mother Temple of...

 I Drooled At Rakai’s Scenic Features

It was Independence Day. A holiday, and off from the office where I am supposed to be thinking all the time. My family and...
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