Celebrate Uganda, The Pearl of Africa

There is, arguably, no other country like Uganda in terms of natural endowments. Fresh water bodies, lush natural forest, scenic mountains, expensive woodlands, we've...

Uganda is listed in CNN’s top travel destinations for 2023.

After ranking the East African nation as one of the greatest locations to visit this year, CNN Travel reinstated Uganda to the honored list...

Self-drive with a Car Rental in Uganda

There is nothing interesting than seating behind the wheels and decide on the rest of your journey. The best side of enjoying this kind...

Explore Uganda’s Natural Treasures on a Guided Safari

Uganda is blessed with a wealth of natural elements that make it a beautiful nation with a diverse population and give Uganda tours a...

Why Hire an Extended Safari Land Cruiser for Uganda Safari

Spice up your travel to the pearl of Africa with a strong, luxurious and comfortable safari vehicle especially an extended safari land cruiser. The...

Here’s What You Should Know Before Thrill Seeking

Deep down most people love living for the thrill, from childhood the ideas of jumping into lakes from cliffs to swinging on tree branches....

Gadgets Every Traveler Needs in 2022

There are people that were blessed with intellect that surpasses the ordinary, people that easily see through how something works and create an even...

Staying Safe On The Road: Tips From UBL On Responsible Driving

It’s common to hear the phrase ‘drink responsibly’ when people are talking about alcohol and we have seen many alcohol commercials saying “drink responsibly.” For...

Top Chimpanzee Watching Destinations in Uganda

Chimpanzee tracking is a favourite activity for many tourists that visit Uganda. They are easier to track than gorillas and are a lot friendlier...

Staying On Track With Your Diet While Traveling

When traveling sometimes you fall off your usual routine, be it workout, sleep or diet due to unforeseen circumstances that come up in your...
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