5 Simple Ways to Find Affordable Rental Vehicles in Uganda

Renting a vehicle has become a common phenomenon in Uganda because of the safety, comfort, and convenience it creates while traveling. Nowadays people no...

Giraffes Return To Pian Upe After Over 40 Years After Extinction

The Uganda Wildlife Authority last night (28th October 2019) released the first of 15 giraffes to be reintroduced in the wilds of Pian Upe...

A Hiker’s Guide To Conquering Mountains in Uganda

realized it would be better presented by one who’s summited more mountains than I’ll ever be able to. A of couple of weeks back I asked...

Top Chimpanzee Watching Destinations in Uganda

Chimpanzee tracking is a favourite activity for many tourists that visit Uganda. They are easier to track than gorillas and are a lot friendlier...

Facts About Elephants You Need to Know

The African elephant is the largest existing land animal in the world, which makes them very easy to sight in the many animal reserves...

Self-drive with a Car Rental in Uganda

There is nothing interesting than seating behind the wheels and decide on the rest of your journey. The best side of enjoying this kind...

Emirates Recognizes Its Top Performing Agents In Uganda

Emirates, the world’s largest international airline, recognized its top travel agents for their contribution to the airline’s success at a gala dinner last week. The...

Guide to Renting a Car for Self Drive in Uganda

One best way of traveling these days has become by renting a car and do a self-drive. Seating behind the wheels and decide on...

Why is Gorilla Trekking Expensive?

Ever thought of planning a gorilla safari to Uganda or Rwanda and stopped along way wondering why gorilla trekking is so expensive? Well, you...

Uganda is listed in CNN’s top travel destinations for 2023.

After ranking the East African nation as one of the greatest locations to visit this year, CNN Travel reinstated Uganda to the honored list...
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