One best way of traveling these days has become by renting a car and do a self-drive. Seating behind the wheels and decide on the matters concerning your holiday trip is a trending trail you can try out too. There a lot of factors to always consider when one is seeking out to renting a car. And among these include the driving environment, and everything around the rental policies.

With car rental in Uganda, one can decide to rent a car for self-drive or renting a car with a driver. So, we bring you a rental guide which you can follow to answer of your burning questions and issues concerning self-drive in Uganda.

How to get a cheaper car rental on a self-drive in Uganda

A lot of issues can be reflected on when opting to hire a cheaper car rental. Almost all travelers renting a car are wishing to rent a car cheaply. Then car rental agencies should fastened with this issue, but this very possible if decide to take the principle of renting a car cheaply.

The first principle of renting a car cheaply is renting a car in advance. When hired your vehicle in advance at least three and more months before the traveling date. This gives you much time of bargaining and doing of shorts to ensure you have the right vehicle.

Window shopping is most effective mean to such out for cheaper rental. Gather a list of car rental companies in Uganda, and inquire on their rental quotation. The finally decide with the best offer, many of the travelers will go with the cheaper rental proposal.

Rent a car with rooftop tent, this cuts costs of traveling. Renting a car with a rooftop tent means you’re combining the rates of car rental with accommodation. Being the fact that you’re traveling with all camping gears, you can even add it up with meal preparations. A self-contained rental means self-catering trip and a lot of costs are minimized here.

Best time to do a self-drive with a car rental

Rent a car at all time when to drive in Uganda. Uganda propose almost the best weather conditions in Africa. Also called the Pearl of Africa proposes times and travelers can hire the vehicle and drive throughout the year. It’s very possible to have a drive around Uganda throughout the year. However, the dry months are favorable, these surface during the months of December to February and also from June to August. Most the roads leading to several tourist destinations have been proved for both paved and unpaved.

How to drive along with a car rental

When hire a car in Uganda should understand the does and don’ts of the vehicle for your successful trip. First and foremost must have an international driving license for any foreign traveler. In Uganda we drive on the left hand side of the road which is totally different from other countries which adopted to driving on the right hand side of the road. When hired a car should not let any third party drive the vehicle without the consent of your rental agency. Don’t drive at night is this for safety reasons, and many other issues need to be understand after you have hire the vehicle.

What to avoid when renting a car for self-drive

Don’t drive at night hours, don’t sub rent the vehicle, don’t give lift to strangers, don’t do any vehicle repair without the notice of your rental agency. All these are don’t and maybe many which are not said. When try to follow like instructed, then things won’t turn to be worse than when do the contrary and follow into traps. All these limitation are caused for the safety, to ensure that your drive with the car rental in Uganda is harmless.

Extras to buy when rent a car?

After you have hire your vehicle, there nothing else or extra you need to pay for. Sometimes, some car rental agencies seem maybe ask their client to leave back some moneys for incidences that may happen with the vehicle. But this may not much necessary that you have to leave behind some money.

Some travelers as about buying insurance, the vehicles for hire have both third party and comprehensive insurance. So, you don’t need to buy more insurance with the vehicle. Unless you’re cross borders with the rental, then you have to buy the COMESA insurance which is bought at any border point where you are cross the country.

About road assistance services with a car rental

There is 24hours road assistance services when you are with a car rental. This road assistance is to ensure that nothing happens with the vehicle and limits you from continuing with your journey. When the vehicle gets any mechanical breakdown before you look out for someone to repair must first contact this person. Accept for flat tires, where you just change the tire and then drive to the next gas station and fix the flat tire before continuing, but anything happening with the vehicle must first contact your road handler. Even don’t do anything farther before ensuring that your rental handlers is notified.

Pick-up and drop off on a self-drive with a car rental

Always the vehicle is brought to your convenient location. Almost all rental agencies have adopted to bringing the vehicle at Entebbe airport or your lodge/apartment within Entebbe and Kampala at free of charge. So, for car rental pick up depends at your convenient place, and for car rental pick up beyond Kampala and Entebbe then have to pay for the fuel and driver. This as well implies to drop off, around Kampala and Entebbe it free of charge and beyond you cater for the driver and fuel.

What is the highest and lowest rates of renting a car in Uganda?

The rates of car rental in Uganda depends on the agency, the kind of the vehicle and sometime the season of traveling. In peak seasons car rental tent to raise a bit in prices, and with lower seasons things are unpredictable. However, for safari rental the list rate stands at $45 and the maximum depends on your rental can extent up to $250.

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