On 10th January 2014 , David Baker and his brother Christopher Baker visited Paraa Safari Lodge for a two night stay as they embarked on placing historical markers on the trails used by their Great great grand Father Sir Samuel White Baker and His wife Florence Baker in Murchison Falls National Park, Uganda.

Their visit was part of the launching of “The Sir Samuel and Lady Florence Baker Historical Trail” meant to coincide with the 150th anniversary of Baker’s expedition in Uganda.

This second visit followed that of last year carried out during the months of January-February 2013 during phase two of the Great African Expedition which was spear headed by African Explorer and Anthropologist Julian Monroe Fisher and his team that included David Baker, the great-great-grandson of Sir Samuel Baker and his daughter Melanie.

This team was accredited with correcting maps of Uganda by establishing the true location of Baker’s View, the location where Sir Samuel Baker became the first European to see Lake Albert and to subsequently name the lake for Prince Albert.

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