Uganda has been rated the best eighth African safari destination by Safari Bookings, one of the leading market place for Africa Safaris.

Safari Bookings conducted an investigation to find the leading safari destinations in Africa. After examining more than 3000 reviews that were compiled by clients who had gone on safaris as well as safari experts, Uganda emerged as the 8th best country for African safaris.

When it comes to African safaris, Uganda is one of the most beautiful countries in Africa and the world at large. This is the reason why Sir Winston Churchill called it the Pearl of Africa.

Many call it the Garden of Eden due to the amazing tourist attractions that are found in the different corners of the country. Some of these attractions are not found elsewhere in the world.

Uganda’s most unique feature is the endangered mountain gorillas that are protected in two national parks; Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park.

Many travelers to Uganda include at least two days with these giants on a safari which means that it’s one of the can’t miss doing an activity while in Uganda. And there is no adventurous activity in the world that out-compete the magical encounter with the endangered mountain gorillas.

In the world, there are only three countries that host mountain gorillas. The other two are Rwanda and DR Congo.  However, Uganda hosts the biggest percentage of these animals with most of the world’s biggest population living in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. There are over 480 mountain gorillas living in Bwindi National Park, South Western Uganda.

Many tourists keep on jetting into the country to meet the great apes. Most travelers stay at least one or two days in the wild while having a close encounter with these apes in their natural habitat.

Today, gorilla tourism is Uganda’s prime tourist attraction. Mountain gorillas have generated a lot of revenue for the government and it has also improved the standards of living of the people who live near the park.

Not only mountain gorillas but there are very many unique attractions that cannot be left out while on a Uganda safari. More so you can combine your safari with gorilla trekking. These include; game viewing in national parks to see different species of animals which include tree-climbing lions of Ishasha in Queen Elizabeth National Park, big mammals that include hippos, buffaloes, antelope species, etc. Over 1000 bird species are within Uganda. There are also an amazing list of tree species, butterflies, and many more. Uganda is gifted with 10 national Parks and game reserves that provide unique species of wildlife.

Cultural tours are also superb in the country that has over 50 different tribes.

There are also adrenaline adventures that you should not miss in Uganda. These include white water rafting, boating to the source of the Nile, bungee jumping, etc. All of these make Uganda one of the best destinations to visit in Africa.

Chimpanzee trekking is also magnificent while on a Uganda safari. Over five places in Uganda host chimpanzees, man’s closest cousins. The best place to see chimpanzees is Kibale Forest National Park, hme the highest percentage of these primate species. Meeting our close relatives is one of the most breathtaking moment you can have in Uganda. It is fan to watch these great apes playing in tree branches.

Ssharing the love of chimps with gorillas is a moment is one of the lifetime adventueres that Uganda offers to the whole world. These combined have greatly influenced very many tourists who travel to Uganda to have a classic adventurous experience.

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