Spice up your travel to the pearl of Africa with a strong, luxurious and comfortable safari vehicle especially an extended safari land cruiser. The Pearl of Africa, officially the Republic of Uganda is a landlocked country positioned in the eastern sub region of the African continent in the African Great Lakes region.

Bordered by Kenya to the east, south Sudan to the North, Tanzania to the south, Rwanda to the southwest, and Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda encompasses various amazing attractions from the savannah plains, hospitable and rich cultures to the rugged forests in different regions that house different species like birds, wildlife and primates. The country also encompasses the third highest African mountain, Mount Rwenzori and a portion of the second largest fresh water lake, Victoria and also the longest river in the world, River Nile.

With total area coverage of approximately 241,038 square kilometers, Uganda is among the best safari destinations on the African continent and the world at large due to the fact that almost 40% of the total land is reserved and conserved for tourism purposes. Among the reserved areas in the country include the national parks, sanctuaries, historical sites, cultural centers, cities and many others.

In these reserved areas, watch different attractions like the rare climbing lions in Queen Elizabeth National park, various primate species such as chimpanzees, mountain gorillas and the golden monkeys in Bwindi Impenetrable national park and Mgahinga gorilla national park respectively. Other national parks in Uganda include Murchison Falls National park which is the best place spot the four of the big five animals – Lions, African elephants, leopards and the African buffalos.

On your way to the park, it will be a great opportunity for you to spot the rhinos at Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary. Ziwa is the only reserve where one can watch the Rhinoceros in Uganda. For a great memorable and experience during your safari, a safe and comfortable vehicle for a safari must be one of the priorities. Among the best recommended Uganda car rentals include an extended land cruiser. It is a customized safari vehicle that is able to tame the ultimate African terrains. This is so because it consist the features below;

Pop up rooftop

An extended land cruiser is recommended for a safari due to various features like a pop up roof which offers excellent game viewing and photography during the game driving exercise in the park trails. The vehicle also comes with the charge sockets and a fridge in case one opts for it.

Strong performance

An extended land cruiser safari vehicle is one of the unbreakable vehicles used to navigate the remote and tough routes to the tourist destinations of the Pearl of Africa. This is evidenced from its features including its tyre height and the strong body structure which enables it to tackle all the most challenging terrains in Uganda.


Accommodating 7 to 8 people, an extended land cruiser has enough space that makes the travellers comfortable and free during their safari. The comfort of the seats allows the nature lovers to take beautiful pictures of nature and wildlife and also the film makers to switch the places for amazing captures. Also the vehicle provides an extensive space for the cargo of the traveller.

Larger windows

With an extended land cruiser vehicle, spice up your safari with beautiful photography of the destination attractions like wildlife and vegetation cover. This can be done during different park experiences like game drives where you will have a clear and am zing view without any distraction.

Other features of the vehicle that makes it suitable for the Uganda safari include;

  • Transmission – 5 speed manual
  • Seating capacity – 7 to 8
  • Extensive cargo space
  • 5 doors
  • Air conditioner
  • 2 fuel tanks that make it hit the extra miles


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